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SEO in 2020 – Best Practices

Ranking high in Google search results isn’t just exciting – it’s necessary. 75% of searchers never make it to the second page of results, and if you’re not one of the top 10 pages, you might as well be invisible. If page one is what you’re after, here are some things to focus on that will help you get there.

Searchers are looking for something specific on Google – make sure the content you’re posting aligns with their intent. For example, if you are a mechanic, focus on content like ‘where to get an oil change’ rather than ‘how to change your oil.’ Your content should answer questions consumers are asking that will take them to your business.

Content optimization includes more than just web copy and blogs – your URLs matter too. Make sure they’re short, contain the right keywords and are structured with simplicity in mind.

Meta data
Page titles and meta descriptions appear in your search results and are critical to proper SEO. Both of these give readers a little preview of your website’s content, so ensure these make it clear that your site has the information they’re looking for.

Internal links
These establish a hierarchy of information and help Google understand the content you’re posting. If used properly, internal links can significantly boost your SEO rankings.

Having well-known websites link-back to yours is one way that Google recognizes your authority in a particular sphere. A high number of backlinks from trusted websites will help you rank higher in Google search results.

Images play a large role in the user experience of your website. Spend the time choosing the right images to enhance your site and its content and optimize them so they’re quick-to-load and properly tagged.

Pages that take too long to load create frustrated readers who will often give up and move along to another website. There are many tools available to help you optimize your page speed.

Google algorithms are constantly changing, so building a site that focuses on these elements and letting it sit is not the best strategy. Keep up to date on changes made by Google and continue to post fresh, relevant content to maintain the SEO power that you’ve built.

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