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negative comment on social media

How to best manage a negative comment on social media?

Negative Comment on Social Media

A large number of small business owners are afraid of the negative comments on social media. Perhaps your business has been tagged by an angry customer or someone just posted a below average review. What do you do? Some businesses will panic and go as far as disable the review tab and comment option, however this doesn’t help your businesses and your engagement in any way.

Positive or negative feedback/comments are part of business. You can’t possibly make every single person happy. Most people with common sense get that and won’t allow a negative feedback sway them away from you.

As much as negative feedback might take place, it is how you react that reflects on your business image.

If your company has been mentioned in a negative way, take the following steps to come out on top:

  1. Read the comment carefully and really try to understand their perspective. What is the root of the problem? How can you help by being fair to the customer and your business?
  2. Take a note of the comment and share it with your team. There could be lessons and take away items for different people.
  3. Don’t delete the review or comment – it makes it look unauthentic. It might also send a message that you have something to hide.
  4. Timely response – most social media users would expect a response within 1 hour. Take the necessary steps to respond quickly.
  5. Keep it cool – draft your response and read it over. Keep in mind that it will be read by the angry customer and your other followers. Ensure the message and tone is correct.
  6. Respond – send your response and if possible provide an apology or a solution. This is your opportunity to turn an upset customer to a happy camper.

Another great practice that each business should practice is to actively seek positive reviews from happy clients. Every chance you have, you should be asking for a review. Asking in person and as a follow up email would provide higher chances for getting one. Also, the more positive reviews you have, the higher your overall score.

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